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We offer a range of unique White, Green, Black, Oolong and Roasted Green teas, each is individually crafted from fresh, finely-plucked, high elevation Nilgiri leaf, delicately handled by our team to create our range of 16 unique teas.


The attention given to each tea creates a selection of exceptional liquors.  A delightful experience in every cup.


Teas crafted with care and artisanal passion.



Nilgiri Bai Mu Dan

The most basic, yet the most complex Tea. A refreshing cup - mild and delicate.


This Bai Mu Dan style white tea is composed of beautifully dried, large leaves in hues of yellow and soft green. The liquor, smooth and silky, gives frank aromas of herbs, fruits and flowers. Its zesty finish is most refreshing. 

Nilgiri White - Baimudan.JPG

Nilgiri Peony

Whole unbroken leaf with all the goodness intact. A mild and delicate 'All-day' tea.

Crafted from undamaged whole leaves so that the leaf cells are not ruptured, capturing all the goodness. The liquor is delicate and smooth with a hint of lingering sweetness which lingers. 

White - Nilgiri Peony Leaf.jpg
White - Nilgiri Peony.jpg
White - Nilgiri Peony L.jpg

Nilgiri Platinum Needles

A classical Bud Only tea with a silky feel which produces a comforting delicate liquor


This white tea of fine green needles with silvery highlights, offers a coppery coloured liquor, textured with pleasant herbaceous aromas of straw accompanying a somewhat woody character. It also reveals delicious flavour points of hazelnut and cocoa. Its pleasant finish, soft and floral, seduces while it comforts!

Nilgiri White - Platinum Needles.JPG


Nilgiri Bamboo

A uniquely crafted tea - visually striking producing a yellowish-green liquor with hints of jaggery.


A truly unique craft tea with a visually striking appearance.  The soft and tender stalks yield a refreshing yellowish green liquor with a delicate clear texture and mild with a hint of sweet jaggery and persistent floral notes.

Nilgiri Green - Bamboo.JPG

Nilgiri Dewdrop

Nilgiri Green - Dewdrop.jpg

Fine leaf crafted into tightly rolled balls with a bright sheen producing a full bodied liquor.


One leaf and a bud crafted into tightly rolled balls with a bright bloom on the surface.  The infused leaf releases a well-balanced liquor with fruity and floral characteristics with a rich, full-bodied mouth feel.

Nilgiri Long Jing

Beautifully crafted single buds producing a deliciously sweet liquor.


Carefully selected leaves flattened into a classic Long Jing style tea.

The liquor is toasty and sweet with delicious hints of citrus with a leaning towards Kumquat that develops into a long verdant lingering aftertaste.

Nilgiri Green - Long Jing.JPG

Nilgiri Mao Feng

A classical style of Green Tea with its twisty curls and a delicate yet lively liquor.


A unique green tea produced in the classical Chinese style of Mao Feng teas with its leaves rolled in curly twists. The liquor is lively and astringent, with notes of artichokes, apricot and warm honey. A vigorously tonic green tea for your everyday consumption. 

Nilgiri Green - Maofeng.JPG

Nilgiri Slender

Very fine single leaf with a bright complexion and a liquor which is pleasant and sweet.


A very fine single leaf and a bud twisted into slender strands with a bright sheen.  The liquor has a pleasant toasty aroma that compliments the brisk, sweet lingering after-taste.

Nilgiri Green - Slender.jpg

Nilgiri Swirl

Long wiry strands of the softest leaves and buds producing a liquor with a sweet intensity.


An unusual dry leaf of wiry strands of carefully crafted leaf and buds.  Flavour opens with brisk verdant intensity before revealing rustic notes of hazelnut that develop into a smooth slightly smoky finish.

Nilgiri Green - Swirl.JPG


Nilgiri Kukicha

This Kukicha style tea was created following the old Japanese tradition where stems and stalks from late bush harvests are roasted in preparation for winter.

Its taste is exceptionally sweet, with notes of hazelnuts, brown sugar and roasted pecans. Kukicha tea also has the advantage of being naturally low in caffeine.

Roasted Green - Nilgiri Kukicha.jpg
Roasted Green - Nilgiri Kukicha B.jpg
Roasted Green - Nilgiri Kukicha L.jpg


Nilgiri Oolong

A unique halfway home tea, neither Green nor Black. A liquor with a pleasant complexity.


The tightly rolled balls unfurl to reveal a partially oxidized leaf. A brisk liquor with pleasant complexity of fruit (melon) and strong floral notes of Jasmine intertwined with a mild citrus zest.

CC Oolong - Nilgiri Oolong A.jpg

Nilgiri Wulong

 A complex wolong with a twist. A smooth and mellow liquor.

§   Leaf crafted into tightly rolled fine braids. A mildly sweet liquor with a surprising complexity of prominent floral notes and a mild hint of citrus.

Nilgiri Oolong - Wulong.jpg


Nilgiri Tress

Beautifully crafted large and tightly rolled long strands of delicate leaf with a strong malty liquor.


This tea with beautiful large leaves offers a classic ‘breakfast’ taste, malty and sweet. The liquor is vibrant and structured, typical of India’s generous black teas. Sweet potato and pepper nuances open into a clean, finely floral finish.


Nilgiri Pearl

Tightly rolled bright balls of leaf producing a smooth pleasantly balanced liquor.


A tightly-rolled black tea. The smooth liquor has a pleasant briskness with notes of roast and honey, pleasantly balanced with a floral finish.  

Nilgiri Black - Pearl.JPG

Nilgiri Orchid

Beautiful wiry fine strands of well-twisted leaf. A bright and well-rounded liquor.


Finely crafted leaf in a cluster of well-rolled and tightly twisted strands. The liquor exudes hints of chocolate and prunes leaving a sweet lingering aftertaste on the pallet.

DD Black - Nilgiri Orchid A.jpg
Black - Nilgiri Orchid B.jpg
Black - Nilgiri Orchid L.jpg


Roasted Green- Kukicha

This Kukicha style tea was created following the old Japanese tradition where stems and stalks from late bush harvests are roasted in preparation for winter. Its taste is exceptionally sweet, with notes of hazelnuts, brown sugar and roasted pecans. Kukicha tea also has the advantage of being naturally low in caffeine.smooth and silky, gives frank aromas of herbs, fruits and flowers. Its zesty finish is most refreshing. 

The tea collection of the Tea Studio is constantly evolving.  Established teas continue to improve.  New teas are also proposed and developed with the artisanal focus and expertise of our team and the collaborative input of friends from other tea countries. 

Our most recent venture is a Mao Cha (the primary leaf material that is used to make Pu er cakes) in collaboration with some good friends in the Yunnan, China.  We have had some very exciting results, so watch this space as it will soon become available for sale.  Click the image below to check out this story on the Tea Studio blog:



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