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The Tea Studio Team
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Head of Operations

Muskan Khanna

Setting aside her promising career in advertising after earning a degree in Media Studies from the University of Birmingham, Muskan has taken the plunge, diving headlong into the world of Tea.  Taking to “Tea” literally like a fish to water.  Slowly but surely and with a single minded purpose she is all but taking over the baton from her father, absorbing his vast experience, further leveraging that knowledge to surprisingly good effect. 


A rarity in the male dominated industry, Muskan continues to raise the bar higher.


Heading a dedicated team of young ladies from the neighbouring villages, she very capably manages the Tea Studio where, experimenting and thinking out of the box, she has innovated and produced some never before done teas.  The Green Nilgiri Bamboo, a tea which is awaiting a patent in Muskan's name, is the first WOW from her bag of tricks. An innovative tea which can only be described as a star which, one suspects, is also the first of many which would in course of time come popping out of the same bag.

Indi Khanna

While an ongoing story still being written, Tea has been a passion and an integral part of Indi’s life for the last 45 years.  Hands on experience in every single aspect related to Tea, stretching all the way from the Tea nursery and field cultivation into manufacture and blending, further extended into international trade, makes him a unique individual in the industry.

Well known for his optimism and forceful character Indi has been an innovative force in the Nilgiri Hills where he has been producing artisanal teas for many years.  All the learning and experience in his ongoing journey has now been encapsulated into his dream project – The Tea Studio

Camellia Sinensis

Four professional tea-tasters, each specializing in a different tea-growing region.  Involved in may aspects of the industry including research, education, publication, consultation and trade development, they run a tea company with a World famous catalogue and are based in Montreal, Canada.

Arlette Rohmer _ Darjeeling 2015_edited.
Les Jardins Gaïa

From the Alsace region of France, Arlette Rohmer created the tea company Les Jardins de Gaïa back in 1994.  She is a pioneer of both organic and Fairtrade tea in France. Having developed a vibrant community centred around these initial values, the company now offers the largest range of Fairtrade and organic teas, infusions, and spices in Europe.  Today, Les Jardins de Gaïa is a family-owned and independent company with approximately 75 employees, they oversee every stage of production from import to sales, including the artisanal crafting of their original recipes.


Petr Zelik has been involved in tea culture since 1993.  when he founded his company Oxalis in the Czech Republic.  Importing and processing loose-leaf teas from major tea producing countries around the World. He regularly visits the tea gardens of India, China, Japan, S.Korea, Sri Lanka, Georgia and Kenya with 3 decades of tasting and buying under his belt. He has also studied the Korean Tea Ceremony.

Jibin Samuel

Contractor and entrepreneur, Jibin is also the owner of a tea garden.  His specialization is in construction and has proved to be a skilled navigator of local bureaucracy. 

Ravi Matthews

A septuagenarian and an old-timer of the plantation scene, Ravi is also a writer, amateur actor and involved into sustainable farming.  He brings with him his vast experience from a variety of fields, adding another dimension to the Studio.

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