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Tea Reviews

Veteran taster Sebastien Collin known for his in-depth and poetic tasting notes in the Camellia Sinensis Catalogue reviews a few of the Tea Studio teas:

Nilgiri Coonoor 'Tress':

This tea with beautiful large leaves offers a classic taste, malty and sweet. The liquor is vibrant and structured, typical of India’s generous black teas. Sweet potato and pepper nuances open into a clean, finely floral finish.

Nilgiri Mao Feng:

Here is a green tea produced in the Chinese style of Mao Feng teas with its leaves rolled into curly twists. Its liquor is lively and astringent, with notes of artichokes, apricot and warm honey. A vigorously tonic green tea, perfect for your everyday consumption.

Nilgiri BMD:

This Bai Mu Dan style white tea is composed of large, beautifully dried leaves in hues of yellow and soft green. The liquor, smooth and silky, gives frank aromas of herbs, fruits and flowers. Its zesty finish is most refreshing.

Nilgiri Yin Zhen:

This white tea, consisting of fine dark green needles with silvery highlights, offers a coppery coloured liquor, textured with pleasant herbaceous (straw, tobacco) and woody aromas. It also sports delicious flavour points of hazelnut and cocoa. Its finish, soft and floral, seducing just as much as it comforts!

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