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'One of the finest teas I have ever had'

Subhecchha Baidya sends this glowing review of our Nilgiri Tress:

I am having a fascination of good teas. Newly I have come across this website and ordered this Nilgiri Tress Black tea. Earlier I was having another Black tea of a promising estate. This Nilgiri Black tea is just beyond my expectations. The delivery got delayed due to lockdown but after getting it I was amazed by the container. It is so classy and then my mother and I had the tea. The colour and leaf structure impressed me even before tasting. Taste is so heavenly I couldn't even believe at first. Generally I brew black tea for 3 to 3.5 minutes at less than a 100 degree C , without sugar with a pre warming of the porcelain cup with boiled water. The tone was strikingly bold and brilliant. It has a perfect bitterness just correctly tuned with the way it should be and the second thing is it has a perfectly long and whole leaf which was still very fresh after the brewing was over and soft in hand. I am totally impressed with the tea I got. Thank you team Tea Studio.

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